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Born and bred in Portland Oregon, I have always appreciated the variety of architecture and how homes are built in the Pacific Northwest.

From an early age I had a natural tendency to “Inspect Homes” I would crawl into places I shouldn’t have. And always inquisitive about the way different things worked in homes and why they worked they way they did.

As I grew older, my younger brother, Mark and I would help my Dad and Uncle's with construction projects, learning - every step of the way that good old-fashioned values like Honesty, Integrity and Respect for others are just as important as quality of work.

As first generation American’s, watching our parents work hard for their American dream and watching those dreams come to fruition we really understand the value of home ownership.

With over 20 years of experience in Engineering and Construction.  We pride ourselves on performing Quality Home Inspections, Radon Testing and many other services.


Nothing but the best for our clients!